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Learn How To Infuse Butter Or Oil

A good place to start on learning how to make edibles is with the basic foundation. The Cannabutter. This is where all of our recipes get their flavor and of course their “special” ingredient.

Learn how to make the perfect cannabutter, using our easy-to-follow recipe. This one is done in an instant Pot so you can make it easily with what is in your kitchen.

InstapotSpot.com is a website dedicated to teaching you how to cook with cannabis. We break down some of the best edible recipes from cannabis sweets to savory main course meals, teach you how to cook with cannabis, how to pair food with the proper strains and so much more. We are the ultimate resource on the internet for cannabis edibles and cooking with varieties of weed strains for the perfect flavor pairings.

Best Strains For Cooking With Cannabis

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Snacks, Tea and Bread

Weed Honey: A Complete Guide & Easy Recipe

CannaHoney, Special Honey, Cannabis Honey, THC Honey, CBD Honey, and many …

cannabis banana bread recipe
Snacks, Tea and Bread

Ultimate Cannabis Banana Bread Recipe

Ultimate Cannabis Banana Bread Bananas are special. Simply amazing this piece …

banana bread strains
Snacks, Tea and Bread

3 Best Strains for Canna Banana Bread

Table of Contents Share Tweet Pin Email Canna Banana Bread If …

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