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Welcome to InstaPotSpot.com where you will meet our team. A team dedicated to the pursuit of great tasting edibles, fantastic recipes, and all things great about food and medicine that grows from the Earth.

We are your true Farm to Table leaders in the Canna Space. We are a group of Chefs, Cannabis Warriors, and Entrepenuers who seek better MJ education so we can truely capture all the capabilities of this amazing plant.

And, yeah, pair it with good food.

Meet Our Writers, Recipe Experts, & Med Reviewers

Insta Pot Spot was named after a night of cooking. We were discussing how to make cannabis oil with an Instant Pot over a nice meal and a joint and had the idea pop into our heads, almost simultaneously!

Coincidence or not, we all wanted to create a website that articulates cooking with cannabis strains. Thus Insta-Pot-Spot was named and born.

Mike Tee

Mike believes in responsible Cannabis for medical purposes. He has worked in Cannabis since its legalization in Colorado way back in 2012. Mike knows a lot about cannabis, being a medical patient as well as studying the plant when his father became ill with stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. Believing hugely in the benefits of CBD and THC he continues to pursue Cannabis as a viable alternative to addictive narcotics that are often prescribed by Doctors. And of course how the plant helps with pain.

This website is dedicated to Mike’s Dad. We hope that you enjoy that this site makes a difference in your life, as it has ours!

Morgan "420" Greenthumb

Morgan is a really smart person who knows a lot about plants. She has a degree in agriculture and likes to cook and bake. Even though she isn’t an expert, she can help people learn to make delicious food. You can also catch her at 420greenthumb.com where she has really become an expert on strains and cannabis lineage.

Kharma Dee

Kharma Dee Professional Writer In Cannabis

With a degree in agriculture from Iowa State U and a pension for writing, fall in love with Kharma Dee. She loves all things canna, from recipes to bongs but really knows her way around words like cannabinoids and Tetrahydrocannabinol.

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