Apple Fritter Strain Review

The Apple Fritter Strain is an exceptional hybrid strain that gives users the best of both worlds with its perfect balance of 50% indica and 50% Sativa. With its delicious and fruity flavors reminiscent of Apple Fritters, this strain is gaining popularity across the West Coast and is now increasingly being sought-after on the East Coast as well.

Created from a cross of Sour Apple and Animal Cookies, the origins of the Apple Fritter Strain have been shrouded in mystery as the breeder has yet to be identified. However, its tantalizingly potent and long-lasting high is believed to have first appeared on the market around 2013. As its name suggests, those who enjoy indulging in a freshly baked apple pastry will be delighted by the flavors of Apple Fritter Strain.

This versatile hybrid delivers a unique blend of mind stimulation combined with body relaxation, making it a popular choice among medical marijuana patients seeking pain and cramp relief. Its THC content varies but can reach as high as 28%, which can be intense and affect the body in many ways. However, novice smokers need not worry as it is an approachable strain for all smokers so long as it is toked in moderation.

Apple Fritters Strain - What Its All About

apple fritter seeds and strain review

Also known as “Apple Fritters,” this rare and evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) is created by merging the classic Sour Apple X Animal Cookies strains. Apple Fritter is a fan favorite for its potent effects, which earned it a spot on High Times’ 2016 “World’s Strongest Strains” list. If you are looking to relieve headaches, this hybrid strain’s relaxing effects might do the trick.

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Apple Fritters Pairs Well With:

Are you on the lookout for a strain that has a robust and exotic fragrance while still contributing to anxiety and stress relief? Look no further as the Apple Fritter strain is here to take center stage! The herbaceous terpene, Myrcene, oozes from this strain and blends with peppery Caryophyllene and citrusy Limonene, giving it its pungent apple scent. It’s even better when you pair the fruity, earthy flavor with funky, savory cheese or good wine.

Apple Fritter strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that enjoys high THC levels. By smoking this top-notch strain, users report feeling happy, calm, and euphoric. You can choose to pair it with coffee for a relaxing start to your day. This smooth-hitting strain can potentially help with easing anxiety, depression, or stress so you can achieve a state of full relaxation and ease.

In case you experience headaches, this fantastic strain can be helpful as well. Apple Fritter strain is as scrumptious as it sounds, and it could be just the thing your body needs to relax and decompress. Try it out today and enjoy its mind-blowing flavor and potent effects! Apple Fitters is also amazing when using it to make THC Sugar, Cannahoney, and even THC lube for those experimental THC lovers.

Growing Info

Apple Fritter’s flowering time is around 9-10 weeks, which might vary based on indica or sativa leaning phenotypes. When grown out in the open, this strain can be harvested by mid-October, yielding up to 16 ounces per plant under hot and humid settings. Interestingly, Apple Fritter strain is known to relieve headaches and migraines effectively.

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Apple Fritter Strain Effects

Looking for a strain that’s perfect for relaxation after a long day? Consider Apple Fritter, a sweet and fruity Indica-dominant hybrid with a hint of spice. Its calming nature makes it ideal for nighttime use or managing stress and anxiety. Plus, did you know that strains like Apple Fritter have been known to help alleviate headaches?

Recommended Apple Fritters Recipes

The below recipes are a perfect match for this strain. If you are interested in creating cannabis edibles, these are the recipes that pair perfectly with this strain’s particular flavor profile. Bon Appetite!

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