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One of the most well-known strains internationally is the balanced hybrid, White Widow. Initially created by Green House Seeds in the Netherlands, it’s a crossbreed of a Brazilian sativa landrace and a South Indian indica. Green House’s White Widow has been a crowd-pleaser on every Dutch coffee shop menu since its inception in the 1990s.

Right away, you will notice the white buds covered in crystal resin, putting you on alert to the strong effects awaiting. This strain delivers an intense burst of euphoria and energy, which encourages both creativity and conversational skills.

White Widow’s genetics have led to the creation of other popular strains, such as White Russian, White Rhino, and Blue Widow. However, the original White Widow is still the preferred choice among many growers. It’s cultivated in approximately 60 days indoors and is known for helping with headaches.


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White Widow is a top favorite strain among cannabis enthusiasts, with flavors that range from earthy and woody to hints of citrus and fruit. Best paired with earthy foods, like the added oomph it brings to pumpkin pie recipes or crack chicken dishes, it’s the perfect weed for those seeking to enhance creativity.

In addition to its delicious taste, this strain’s reputation for promoting productivity without paranoia makes it a top choice for those seeking to get things done.

While it’s true that White Widow can leave you with a dry mouth, it’s still one of the most beloved strains around. If you’re a new smoker or just want something milder, you could try a Sativa-dominant variety or a hybrid with equal genetics. On the other hand, experienced smokers might appreciate the potency of strains like Gorilla Glue #4, which can have upwards of 26% THC. Additionally, cannabis strains like White Widow are known to elevate creativity, so you can expect your imagination to soar when using it.

Growing Info

If you are seeking a quality cannabis strain to grow at home, White Widow is an excellent, low-maintenance option. This resilient strain was bred from landrace strains that survived shifting climates and harsh conditions. White Widow can thrive in fluctuating temperatures and humidity, making it an easy choice for growers of all skill levels.

Outdoors, White Widow is a generous producer, with plants that can yield up to 600 grams per plant. Indoors, a Sea of Green method can be employed to create short, dense plants, which produce thick colas of buds. A flowering stage of eight weeks is commonplace with White Widow, but you can let it go for an additional week or two if you want to maximize trichome production.

If you’re looking to increase your creativity, White Widow is a great choice. This potent strain is known to help boost creativity and can be enjoyed throughout the day, without weighing too heavily on your mind. By keeping the EC, pH, and environmental conditions appropriate, this easy-to-care-for strain is ideal for novice growers and connoisseurs alike.

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White Widow Strain Effects

The pungent aroma of White Widow tickles your senses with its piney undertones and hints of spice. Once lit, its sweet and fruity flavor leaves behind a slightly sugary aftertaste, but don’t be fooled, White Widow packs a punch capable of making you cough.

Experience an immediate burst of energy and euphoria after a few puffs, leaving you feeling uplifted, conversational, and creative. White Widow is known for enhancing creativity and its ability to alleviate anxiety and stress.

However, after a while, the effects can become heavier, and you might find yourself couch-locked. Whether or not this happens depends on various factors, including the method of consumption (smoke, vape, edibles, etc.), your tolerance level, and how it’s grown. Overall, White Widow is an excellent choice for creative activities that require focus and concentration.

Recommended white widow strain Recipes

The below recipes are a perfect match for this strain. If you are interested in creating cannabis edibles, these are the recipes that pair perfectly with this strain’s particular flavor profile. Bon Appetite!

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